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Dr. Julianne



ACL and torn meniscus were disabling pain for her. She was doing pain management shots every six months. In three weeks the pain is virtually gone, her torn rotator cuff now has full range of movement, and she can once again properly aim a gun! She is one happy recipient.

Bob Leimkiller


I interviewed him just 3 weeks after receiving Infiniti Matrix and he had such amazing results already to report. The first thing he noticed was the pain in his knee was gone the next day, tailbone pain was gone,  and his elevated blood sugar levels are way down and he is off of insulin. He has lots of healing needed in his body and he is off to a great start!



Lorraine is the oldest person I have worked with to date. She does not look her age - she's 96. She macular degeneration, no stamina, very labored breathing, etc. Vallerie was dealing with inflammation, asthma, post-shingles issues, joint pain, bladder issues and more. These two ladies are off to a great start. Looking forward to updating soon.

Gary Houston


Only one month after Infiniti Matrix Gary is reporting his vision has improved and is now 20/20. Additionally, his eye pressure is way down too. He is delighted to report he is sleeping better now because the inflammation in his hips is down. These are two critical issues for someone who in retirement drives the local bus to help them out.

Carol Houston

Glaucoma, Arthritis, Painful Walking, Torn Rotator, etc.

Carol's eye doctor is thrilled with the results they see with eye pressure coming down. Her medical doctor told her Infinit Matrix were the best stem cells out there. She invited her chiropractor to come hear about  this, and he ended up getting cells for himself. She is so excited with the results she is already seeing.

Toni Needham

Gerd, low back pain, spinal fluid issue that caused hand to become a claw, etc.

Can you see the joy on her face? While she shares about many issues she was dealing with, I think the "good feeling" and "life is good again" are the most beautiful parts. The pain is gone, she has energy and life is good again. What more can you ask for?

Carol Anderson

Acid Reflux, Nerve Damage in Leg, Weaken Body

Known to all as "Purple Carol," this awesome lady is regaining her quality of life. She reports her acid reflux and heartburn are gone. The nerve damage in her leg that caused it to twitch at night is greatly improved and she is able to now stand and walk for much longer. She also reports she has so much more energy. I think the smile of her face speaks volumes.

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