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Bitsy Kirby
...sent home to die with

I'll never forget the night her husband called to ask about stem cells. This was her 4th diagnosis of cancer. This time it was inoperable and not treatable. They were looking for a miracle. She was about one week from death. Time was of the essence. Praise the Lord we were able to get cells to her immediately. Today she is 2-1/2 years out - 5 PET scans - totally clear of cancer.

Amber Elkins
Husband had
Asthma w/ Covid Lung

Amber's husband Clay who suffered with Asthma for years literally could not take a full breath after Covid. He received Infiniti Matrix therapy and not only got his breath back, but now no longer is dependent on an inhaler to breathe. It touched not only his lungs, but so much more. Amber got a healthy husband who could play with his kids like he had always wanted to do.

I5-16-22 Just got off of phone with Pastor Cam. His blood work just confirmed his A-1C has dropped from 14 to 6.1 in just a few months!

Cam Ohlemacher
Wasting away with H-Pylori...

Pastor Cam Ohlemacher, 6' tall, 200 pound man, began losing weight in January 2020. By the end of May he was down to around 120+ pounds, wasting away, unable to retain any nourishment and at the point of death. He got Infiniti Matrix Stem Cells and within minutes his tremors stopped, he slept 11 hours straight, got up hungry and ate food that stayed with him. They finally diagnosed H-Pylori, an infection that prevented his body from absorbing any nutrition. 

Dorothy Mackey

Depression, Macular Degeneration...

Dorothy Mackey, who was 92 at the time, wanted her son to get stem cells for his prostrate cancer, but he refused to do it unless his momma did it first. Her body responded immediately to the therapy as she reported a burst of energy the next morning and all her depression had lifted. The next thing she discovered was her macular degeneration going away and describes how crisp and clear her vision became. He soon got his cells too - and his cancer was gone!

Albert Harris

Detached Rotator Cuff

Al Harris thought this was snake oil and did not want to do it - but - his brother-in-law wouldn't let him alone until he did. You've got to hear this story. He did not cancel his surgery to have it reattached, but his doctor ended up refusing to operate. Al is a firm believer in Infiniti Matrix Stem Cells now. He has before and after pictures. Wow!

Esther Saucedo


Esther Saucedo, who is in her mid-80's, praises the results she received after her Infiniti Matrix stem cell IV-infusion. She no longer has knee pain, ankle pain, her vision improved, and her hair isn't falling out any longer. She is off of all her prescription medications now because she no longer needs them. She is telling everyone she knows about this amazing gift from God.

Gilda Wilkinson


Gilda was tired of suffering with shoulder issues. She was delighted with the stem cells cleared up that up and allowed her to drive through many states to visit grandkids. She was shocked when she went in for dental cleaning and for the first time they did not have to deaden her gums for them to clean her teeth. Then she began to notice the new hair growth in her original color. Awesome!

Karin Thomas


I had no clue Karin had lost her ability to smell or taste. She brought a friend to the first meeting I hosted in San Antonio thinking she did not need cells, but left inspired to give it a try. Four or five days later her morning coffee scared her as she suddenly was able to smell her coffee. She has an amazing story that includes neuropathy, bladder leakage and hearing aids. Check this out!

Rito Llamas


Rito Llamas heard about Infiniti Matrix Stem Cells through his pastors and on their recommendation sought them out. I met him 3 weeks after he received his cells and his full-blown 10 year-old issue with Parkinson's was not even noticed. He has an amazing story that continues to develop. His first bonus extra was his improvement to his vision, cataracts de-solving and optical nerve healed.

Rito Llamas

Now 3 Months Out....Amazing!

Rito continues to see improvements in his body. He is now able to drive at night as the starbursts are gone. He can once again snap his fingers, something one cannot do with Parkinson's, and just his overall well being feeling is greatly improved. He is just now reaching the 3 month mark where we encourage people to wait to see their results begin. His have been rolling out from the first.

Juandell Lacy-Roberts

Neuropathy is gone!

Juandell Lacy-Roberts, one of the matriarchs of the Republican Party of Texas, is such a doll. At 90+ years of age, she is a force to be reckoned with in politics. She received her Infiniti Matrix stem cells in May 2021. About 4-5 days later she realized the neuropathy which had troubled her for years was gone. She kept waiting for it to return. Surprised and very pleased, it has not returned.

Bob Fu

His Mother-in-Law Is Out of Hospice

and back living life!

Bob Fu's Mother-in-law was in Hospice and near death when she received her Infiniti Matrix Stem Cells. Just one week later Bob popped into my meeting in his city to give an astounding report. With great excitement he reports her heart that was failing had her near death, but she back to life and out of Hospice - going out and seeing family. Wow - Wow - Wow!

Tom Thomas

Vertigo - Leg Pain

The very first thing Tom noticed was his vertigo was gone. He had trouble at times keeping his balance while walking on the golf course or with his dog. Golf is once again an enjoyable sport without dealing with vertigo or achy legs. As a cancer survivor, he also was drawn to Infiniti Matrix Stem Cells as a potential preventative for the return of colon cancer. He found it very cost effective.

Martha Dusek

Thinning Cartilage, Bone Spurs

Martha had been suffering with thinning cartilage, two bone spurs and arthritis in her knee which impaired her ability to prayer walk. Patiently, and not so patiently, it took about 4 months before the bone spurs dissolved so the cartilage could regrow without damage and moving her toward being totally pain free. She is back walking and praying for miles every week.

Othann Warner

Covid Left Her Heart A-Fib, Racing Pulse and Elevated Liver Enzymes

Her doctors wanted to do a heart ablation to get her heart back into normal rhythm - but her friend suggested Infiniti Matrix Stem Cells. She chose the later and is so glad she did. Not only did her heart go back into its normal rhythm, but her pulse dropped back into the 70's and her liver enzymes leveled out. She's a strong believer.

*In Reference to these Testimonials...

Christian Reporter News interviewed each of these individuals about their results after having received Infiniti Matrix Stem Cell Therapy. There was no compensation for their testimonial. 

Additionally, in accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, please be aware of the following:

Federal regulations require us to advise you that all reviews, testimonials, and/or endorsements of any kind reflect the personal experience of those individuals who have expressed their own personal opinions and that those opinions and experiences may not be representative of what every consumer may personally experience with the endorsement.

All reviews and testimonials are the sole opinions, findings, and/or experiences of the people sharing their stories. They are not compensated in any way.

These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We are required to inform you that there is no intention, implied or otherwise, that represents or infers that these statements be used in the cure, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, and/or prevention of any disease.

These testimonials do not imply similar results would or could happen to you.

These testimonials are not intended to diagnose for specific illness or conditions, nor as treatment to eliminate diseases or other medical conditions or complications.

We make no medical claim as to the benefits of anything to improve medical conditions.

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